Freestanding TFS Frame

With two models and four different sizes to choose from, our Freestanding TFS Frames are an effective and original way to promote your products in shops or at trade fairs. Create window displays, decorate your spaces or position them in strategic places to provide your customers with useful information.

  • Support feet included

Free-standing Displays for Trade Shows

Are you looking to decorate your shop windows in an original way but tired of typical setups? Do you need to catch the attention of passersby with some "special effects"? Pixartprinting offers the perfect advertising supports for the occasion: Free-standing Frames with Stretched Fabric.

These advertising stands are made up of 4 aluminium profiles connected with angular connectors and equipped with a slot for easy fabric insertion. To expedite installation and ensure the fabric is perfectly taut, a strip of silicone or PVC, called Keder, is sewn around the perimeter of the fabric, providing stability and facilitating installation.

Furthermore, these trade show displays come with either two or four feet, depending on the size, which adds stability to the structure.

What Customization Options Are Available?

Make your advertising supports unique by choosing from the following options:

  • 2 models: single-sided or double-sided (front and back can be identical or have two different print files; single-sided structures feature an aluminium panel at the back)
  • 4 formats: 70 × 100 cm, 100 × 200 cm, 200 × 200 cm, 300 × 200 cm
  • Order both printing and the structure or just the printing

The single-sided model features a 100% polyester fabric with some elasticity to withstand possible creases. The double-sided model, on the other hand, consists of an opaque rear fabric that allows for an image with consistent colours, without interference from objects behind it. In both cases, the high-quality printing ensures the reproduction of the tiniest details and brilliant colours.

Usage Scenarios

Perfect for decorating offices, shop windows, and any promotional space, Free-standing Frames with Stretched Fabric are suitable for various occasions: seasonal changes in shop windows, sales, as well as office decoration or booths at annual trade shows. The structure can remain the same; simply change the fabrics! Choose the one that suits your brand best and decorate your spaces!