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Beautiful custom labels for the Packaging of your products. Choose from many formats, materials and finishes, and communicate the quality of your product and the values of your brand!  

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Packaging labels

The imporcance of packaging Labels  

The importance of packaging Labels 

The Labels for Packaging are a crucial element in the communication strategy of a product. Consumers are not all the same. Some, more scrupulous, carefully analyze every detail and information on a product's packaging before buying it. On the other hand, others let themselves be guided by instinct and by the positive or negative feelings aroused by the Packaging. The label plays a fundamental role in both cases. It provides essential information to the most attentive consumer. It makes the Packaging more appealing to grab attention off the shelf. 

With Pixartprinting, you can print custom labels for your Packaging. You can do it online, quickly and easily. Choose from many sizes, materials, and finishing options! 

The rules for an effective Packaging Label   

An influential packaging label is the result of careful study. We want to give you some tips for making your new labels. You can start with these simple questions: 

  • What product do you sell? What do you sell? What shape should your product packaging have? What information is essential to provide the customer about the product? The label must be suitable and combinable with the package. 

  • Who are your customers? Whom do you want to sell your product to? Who buys it regularly? The label must also be designed according to the target audience. 

  • What sensations do you want to evoke through your label? What feelings do you want to leverage on? Sympathy Sustainability? Luxury? By playing with materials, colours, and graphics, it is possible to influence the feeling communicated by your Packaging Labels. 

  • What are your brand values? Do you have a well-known brand? Do specific colours and shapes characterize it? Create a label that is entirely in line with your coordinated image. 
  • How are your competitors doing? Analyzing the competition is always a good idea to align with what may be industry standards and to get away from it by going outside the box to differentiate yourself. Packaging labels in a few clicks! 

With Pixartprinting, printing Packaging Labels is quick and easy. You can do it in minutes: 

  1. Select the Label template you like. 
  2. Choose the customization options within the product page, such as format, material, and special finish. 
  3. Indicate the quantity. 
  4. Download the Template and Instructions from the page to set up your print file. 
  5. Place your order and upload your file. 

Quick and easy! Remember that in case of doubts or special requests you can always rely on our Support Services. You can contact us by phone, email or chat. 

Packaging labels and much more for your products 

Within our website, you can find many products in addition to Packaging Labels. Some of these might help your business! Many of our customers, for example, choose to use Tamper-Proof Seals their Packaging to test the integrity of the product.         

Consult our Packaging catalogue to find other products you may need, such as tagspaper bags or packaging tape. They are all customizable with your logo and graphics!    

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