Business Card Boxes

Keep your business cards together in a handy customised box, which holds between 50 and 75 cards depending on the paper weight and type. Lamination and various finishes available.

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Compact, practical and stylish business card boxes

It is important to keep your business cards in good condition so that they make a good impression when you introduce yourself to new contacts, so keep them safe from scuffs and dirt in our business card packaging! Why settle for a plain box or holder when you can choose Pixartprinting’s customisable business card boxes and add your own design to them? They come in one size and you can add special finishes such as 3D varnish or silver foil, as well as lamination to enhance and protect the print. Print your cardboard business card boxes with Pixartprinting and enjoy low prices and fast delivery.

Print your perfect business card boxes

The business card boxes measure 9.5 x 6 x 3 cm and they can be customised with a choice of special finishes and lamination. The special finishes available are:

  • Selective varnish: a transparent varnish printed onto selected areas of the artwork, giving them a glossy effect
  • 3D varnish: an extra-thick varnish that gives details a raised effect, making them stand out
  • Gold foil: gold foil is hot stamped onto selected areas of the artwork, giving them a shiny metallic effect
  • Silver foil: silver foil is hot stamped onto selected areas of the artwork, giving them a shiny metallic effect

You can also add lamination to the business card packaging to protect the print even further and create additional effects. There are three different types of lamination available: Gloss, Matt or Soft Touch lamination.

Ordering business card boxes

It is easy to order your cardboard business card boxes online with Pixartprinting. Simply work your way through the step-by-step order form. Select your special finish and lamination in step 1, if desired; choose your preferred quantity, price and delivery date in step 2 – later delivery dates mean lower prices; then download the template and instructions in step 3 – they contain guidelines from our graphic designers to help you set up your artwork correctly.

Then you can place your order for your personalised business card packaging and upload your artwork. Your customised business card boxes will be delivered to your chosen address through our fast and reliable shipping service.

If you have any questions about the cardboard business card boxes or about your order, feel free to contact our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

Products to complement the business card boxes

Another useful product for keeping your business cards in order is our business card holders. They are transparent and allow for display on a shop counter or desk so customers can help themselves.