Lago lanyard with break-away closure

Lago lanyard with break-away closure, the ideal choice for all your lanyard needs. This versatile accessory is designed to securely hold name badges, ID cards, or keys while the breakaway closure ensures safety. Plus, with customizable screen printing on the straps, it becomes a powerful promotional item, perfect for elevating your brand. Make a statement with the Lago Lanyard.

  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 50 cm
  • Weight: 13 g

For the personalisation of your lanyards, trust Pixartprinting

Customised Lanyards: maximise your corporate visibility

When it comes to improving brand visibility and providing a useful product, custom lanyards are an excellent choice. This article will guide you through the customisation options available on Pixartprinting, highlighting the benefits of this choice for your business.

Lanyards are not just a functional accessory; they are a miniature canvas for your brand. Used at fairs, conferences or as part of the company uniform, custom lanyards enhance brand recognizability and increase networking opportunities. Choosing to personalise lanyards means you can select materials, colours and printing techniques that best reflect the company identity.

How to authentically customise your lanyards

Effectively personalising a lanyard can transform it from a simple accessory to a powerful branding tool.

First of all, it is crucial to select a reliable print partner to ensure the customisation is of quality. Silkscreen printing for lanyards is ideal, especially in the case of logos and solid colours, as it guarantees vividness and durability.

The choice of colours is just as crucial: opt for shades that reflect the corporate identity or that effectively contrast to attract attention. Lastly, the addition of accessories not only increases the functionality of the custom lanyard but can also enhance its appearance.

Elements such as safety clasps, detachable clips or badge holders add practical and aesthetic value, making the lanyard a gadget as useful as it is captivating. By following these tips, your custom lanyards will not only communicate your brand message but will also become a distinctive element of your branding.

How to order custom lanyards on Pixartprinting

Order your custom lanyards on Pixartprinting with a few clicks: it's easy and intuitive!

Once you have chosen the customisation options that best meet your needs, you can determine the quantity needed and set the most suitable delivery date. Don't forget that ordering in advance with Pixartprinting offers significant benefits: you will have access to more competitive prices, thus improving the cost-benefit ratio of your purchase.

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We offer a wide range of customisable badge holders, perfect for pairing with lanyards for a coordinated look. Ideal for events and work environments, these accessories keep credentials visible and offer extra space to promote your brand. Available in various materials, the badge holders can be printed with your logo, enhancing your brand's visibility and improving security and organization.

Discover all our customised gadgets on our website and choose the option that best suits your needs!