Tom recycled lanyard

Recycled PET lanyard with breakaway closure. High quality oval hook with lobster clip that is ideal for holding a name badge, ID card, or keys.

  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 50 cm
  • Printing dimensions : 29 x 1.6 cm
  • Weight: 13 g

For your Logo Lanyards, trust Pixartprinting

Logo lanyards, eco-friendly in recycled PET: enhance your brand in a sustainable way

Increase your brand's visibility with recycled PET logo lanyards, ideal for showcasing your commitment to ecological practices.

These lanyards are not just simple tools, they are true promoters of your logo. Frequently used during special events, meetings or as part of the official uniform, custom logo lanyards increase your brand's awareness and facilitate networking. Opting for customisation of lanyards allows you to select the best features that embody your corporate image.

Logo Lanyards: how to make them unique

Customising lanyards carefully can turn them into meaningful marketing tools.

It is vital to choose an experienced printing partner to ensure that the customisation is top-notch. Screen printing is perfect for lanyards, suitable for high quality reproduction of your logo and intense colours, ensuring long-lasting images.

Additionally, adding functional components not only enhances the utility of the custom logo lanyard, but also improves its aesthetics.

Safety hooks, removable clips and badge holders elevate both the usability and appearance of lanyards, making them as effective as they are attractive gadgets. By following these guidelines, your logo lanyards will not only spread your corporate message, but will also be distinctive representatives of your brand.

Instructions for purchasing recycled PET logo lanyards on Pixartprinting

Purchasing your custom lanyards on Pixartprinting is simple!

Choose the customisation configurations that meet your needs, determine the quantity and ideal delivery date. Booking in advance on Pixartprinting offers you favourable economic conditions, thus optimising the cost-effectiveness of your order.

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Our transparent badge holder is perfect to pair with logo lanyards, creating a uniform and elegant appearance. Ideal for professional contexts and events, these accessories ensure that your credentials remain visible, while also providing additional space for promoting your brand. Available in various materials, custom badge holders can be decorated with your logo, increasing your brand's visibility and improving organisation and security.