Expobanner Outdoor

The Expobanner Outdoor is ideal for displaying your message outdoors at open-air events, festivals, markets or outside shops. The base can be filled with sand or water, so it can withstand gusts of wind and rain, and the fast and convenient quick-release system makes replacing the single-sided display a simple process.

  • Carry bag included
  • 45 x 155 cm
  • Print available separately


Your Xbanner for Various Settings

Our Xbanner, measuring 50 x 180 cm, is perfect for outdoor use as it features a weighted base and canvas resistant to wind and rain. This affordable and high-quality Xbanner is easy to assemble and change the canvas thanks to the fast-change system. Additionally, we supply this one-sided banner with a carry case for comfortable transportation wherever you need it. Placing our Xbanner stand at the entrance of your establishment will attract attention. It's also perfect for promoting at trade show booths, or you can exhibit your one-sided banner at sports events with your sponsor's branding. The Xbanner is ideal for festivals and markets.

At Pixartprinting, purchasing an Xbanner means acquiring a highly customisable and effective promotional tool.

Durable Material for Your Xbanner

This affordable and high-quality Xbanner, measuring 50 x 180 cm, is designed for outdoor promotion with its weighted base resistant to wind and rain. Additionally, the canvas of this Xbanner, measuring 45 x 155 cm, is made from EcoFlat 398 g, a multi-layer wrinkle-resistant material made from PVC, PET, and PVC. Alternatively, you can choose Blockout PET without PVC, an environmentally friendly material made of PET without PVC, offering the same durability and strength as traditional materials but being recyclable and eco-friendly. The material of this one-sided banner has a smooth surface and a grey back to block light from affecting the images.

Format of Your Xbanner for Outdoor and Indoor Use

This Xbanner has a total height of 50 x 180 cm, with a canvas size of 45 x 155 cm. The dimensions of this affordable and high-quality Xbanner allow it to be placed in various spaces, both indoors and outdoors. When purchasing an Xbanner for your business, you can choose between the structure and canvas printing or just the latter.

Your Affordable and High-Quality Customised Xbanner in No Time

After configuring your Xbanner, simply accept the free quote and upload your print file following the instructions and using the provided template. Thanks to our punctual delivery system, you will receive your affordable and high-quality Xbanner exactly on the specified date and address. If you have any questions about your Xbanner stand, feel free to contact our Customer Service! Pixartprinting, where buying Xbanner and customising them is straightforward.

Xbanner and Many More Display Models

If you're interested in display models other than this affordable and high-quality Xbanner, we offer an extensive selection. Our Outdoor double board, featuring two customisable sides and a compact size, is a compelling option. On our Displays page, we're confident you'll find precisely what you're looking for, in addition to the Xbanner presented here. Pixartprinting is the perfect place to buy Xbanner, flags, expobanners, other displays, and personalised promotional material.