Expobanner XClassic

Grab the attention of customers and passers-by in your shop or at trade shows with the Expobanner XClassic, a lightweight display that's easy to assemble and move around with a simple yet engaging design. You can change your message whenever you like: the display's quick-release system allows you to replace the banner in just a few simple steps.

  • Four sizes
  • Four different materials
  • Carry bag included

XClassic Single-Sided Display: The Pinnacle of Simplicity and Efficiency

Are you preparing your exhibition space for an upcoming event and in need of the perfect solution to showcase your advertising messages? Look no further than the timeless XClassic Single-Sided Display by Pixartprinting. Our single-sided display combines exceptional simplicity with unwavering reliability, making it the ideal choice for trade show booths and retail environments.

Ordering your XClassic Single-Sided Display is a breeze on our website, and we guarantee fast and punctual shipping directly to your business. You'll have a customized communication tool that seamlessly aligns with your company's branding.

Key Features of Our Single-Sided Display

The XClassic Single-Sided Display boasts a lightweight and functional support structure equipped with an advanced easy-tension system for achieving optimal fabric tension. Your graphics will be beautifully printed on top-quality material surfaces, including:

  • Fabric with an opaque backing
  • Extreme classic 500 gr
  • EcoFlat 398 gr
  • PET PVC free

Changing the display image is a breeze thanks to the fastchange mechanism integrated into the display.

You have the flexibility to choose from two product configurations:

  • Printing and structure
  • Printing only (without structure)

The XClassic Single-Sided Display is available in various formats, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs:

  1. 55x150 cm
  2. 70x180 cm
  3. 80x200 cm
  4. 120x200 cm

Single-Sided Displays and More for Your Communication Needs

Pixartprinting offers a wide range of products to enhance your promotional messages and concepts. Our expobanners are designed to provide maximum visibility for your visuals. Additionally, explore our selection of outdoor displays for effective outdoor advertising campaigns.