Counter stand with header

Comprising a plastic body, two aluminium poles and a Foamex header. Thanks to repositionable stickers, you can change your graphic to suit your event or needs.

Portable Trade Show Counters

Are you looking for a versatile structure to promote your company or event? Are you organizing your next exhibition space and want to use functional tools? Pixartprinting's Portable Trade Show Counter is a convenient and effective advertising tool. Customized with graphics that match your brand image, it will be a real point of reference for partners and potential clients.

This product is specially designed for those like you who need to move easily from one event to another, avoiding time and energy loss. Its plastic body, aluminum bars, and forex front give the Portable Counter surprising lightness and reliable sturdiness.

At Pixartprinting, you have the possibility to print your new Portable Trade Show Counter easily and quickly. You can do it in just a few clicks, right on this page. Choose and upload a custom graphic, print a Counter that aligns perfectly with your brand image, and have it conveniently delivered to your office through Prompt shipping!

Print Your Counters with Banners Online

At Pixartprinting, we love bringing our customers' ideas to life. We offer a typographic printing service focused on professional needs, characterized by careful Customer Service and High-Resolution Printing.

On this page, you can configure your ideal Portable Trade Show Counter. Select the customization options that suit you best:

  1. Product Configuration: You have the option to order the entire structure or just the interchangeable prints. Once assembled, the Counter will measure 239x80x40 cm, and you can reuse its base structure for all your upcoming events, replacing only the printed parts.
  2. Material: The Counter's prints are made on Refix Electrostatic White, a polyester electrostatic film that adheres to smooth surfaces without adhesive. It can be applied multiple times and leaves no residue. It is an incredibly suitable material for printing, capable of ensuring high-quality results.
  3. Print Dimensions: Your graphics will be printed in an area of 183x85 cm on the Counter and 68x28 cm on the Banner.

Once you've completed the product configuration, you can see the convenient free quote in real time on the page. Choose the Quantity and Delivery date that best suits your needs to discover the estimated price.

A Printing Partner for Your Promotional Events

Our online catalogue includes a wide range of customizable products for fairs and events: various models of Exhibitors, Bags, Promotional Gadgets, and much more.

Take a look at our proposals and choose the best items for your projects. Don't limit your desire to communicate and shape your ideas with Pixartprinting.