Magnetic Pop-Up Display

Elevate Your Brand with Innovative Magnetic Displays

Want two products in one? With the magnetic pop-up display, that's exactly what you get! It comes in a rigid carry case that can also be used as a small stand. Its concertina-folded frame makes it easy to assemble, and the set of magnetic bars give the frame extra sturdiness.

  • LED bulbs included

Magnetic Display: Elevate Your Brand with Innovative Pop-Up Solutions

Are you searching for an exceptionally original product to showcase your brand? Do you want to leave a memorable impact on your audience? Look no further than our cutting-edge magnetic display. The magnetic display we introduce is remarkably versatile. When expanded, it transforms into a robust magnetic pop-up display thanks to its accordion-style structure. When stored in a rigid transport case, it conveniently doubles as a counter. What more could you desire? Interested in learning more about the advantages of investing in your magnetic display? Here are some key benefits:

  • Space-Saving Solution: The magnetic pop-up display's compact design makes it an excellent choice for businesses with limited space. It conveniently fits into a transport case for easy storage.
  • Visual Impact: Our magnetic display boasts eye-catching aesthetics, making it the perfect attention-grabber at trade shows and events.
  • Effortless Assembly: Setting up our pop-up display is a breeze, saving you valuable time during any event or exhibition.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire your very own magnetic display. Place your order today!

Customize Your Magnetic Pop-Up Display

Did you know you can make your magnetic pop-up display truly unique? Explore our extensive range of customization options:

  • Choose Your Model: Our magnetic pop-up display comes in two models, a curved and a straight one. Select the one that best suits your preferences and needs.
  • Select Your Format: If you opt for the curved magnetic pop-up display, you can choose from three sizes (small, medium, or large). For the straight pop-up display, we offer two sizes (medium and large).

Once you share your design with us, we'll ensure that your magnetic display becomes truly unique. Take action now!

How to Order Your Magnetic Display

If you're ready to order your magnetic display today, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our website and navigate to the Advertising Displays section to find your collapsible magnetic pop-up display.
  2. Customize your magnetic pop-up display by selecting the options that best meet your requirements.
  3. If you need assistance, consider enlisting our Design Service. Our expert graphic designers are eager to assist you. Alternatively, if you already have your design ready, simply send it to us.
  4. Determine the quantity of magnetic pop-up displays you need and proceed with your order.

Ordering your magnetic display couldn't be more straightforward. Act now and get your magnetic pop-up display from Pixartprinting!