This two- or three-shelf cardboard display is designed to show off your products on counters, tables or shelves. From invitation cards and brochures to jars and small goods: counter displays with shelves are effective presentation solutions wherever you do business, from shops to trade fairs.

  • Lamination available

PLV Displays for Your Products

The counter display is ideal for retail points and promotions, for marketing events; showcase your products with your brand prominently displayed. These countertop displays—made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and featuring two or three shelves—are very stable and visually appealing; furthermore, they are easy to assemble. They are perfect as product displays for all kinds of items: stationery, creams, glasses cases... you name it! With a fully customizable surface, these store displays make for an effective counter display; boost your brand with our product advertising displays!

Customize Your PLV Product Displays

Customize your product displays for stores to your liking. We offer two models, very practical and attractive, of cardboard counter displays:

  • Minneapolis, measuring 21.4 × 47.6 × 18.2 cm and featuring two shelves of 21 × 14 cm and 21 × 18 cm;
  • Leeds Small, measuring 15.3 × 39.5 × 19.5 cm and featuring three shelves of 14 × 9 × 9/11 cm.

Additionally, if you wish, you can add a matte or glossy lamination, which provides added value and durability to your PLV displays.

Product Displays for Stores in a Few Easy Steps

After configuring your PLV product displays, request a free quote, follow the instructions, and upload the file with which you will personalize your counter display. You will receive your store displays on the specified date and address; we collaborate with extremely punctual courier agencies. For any questions regarding your countertop displays, please contact our Customer Service!

Customize Not Only Your Counter Display, We Offer Many Products to Configure According to Your Needs!

In addition to shelf displays, at Pixarprinting, we offer an extensive range of Tabletop Displays. If you are looking for customizable cardboard floor displays, we have very practical and beautifully designed Totems. Another interesting option is our Advertising Seats, to promote your brand and provide an original resting place at the same time.