Dover is a self-standing cardboard floor display with two support feet that provides an easy and affordable communication solution for your shop or trade fair stand. Made of extremely lightweight honeycomb cardboard, it is handy for moving from one space to another.

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Dover: A Highly Versatile Floor Display

Weighing very little and of medium size, the Dover is the perfect floor display for your establishment or event. It can be set up in no time, is incredibly light, and can be used to promote your brand or provide additional information about specific products by placing it alongside them. This corrugated cardboard floor display is highly effective at trade shows for advertising your products or services or in your store for informing customers about discounts or special uses of your items. With this floor display, you have the opportunity to create an informative or promotional poster that is sure to catch the eye of your customers.

Durable Cardboard for Your "Dover" Floor Display

Your "Dover" floor display, made from 10 mm white honeycomb cardboard, is durable and long-lasting. This eco-friendly rigid cardboard with a honeycomb core is also a sustainable material. Furthermore, it is very stable and lightweight, weighing only 2.7 kg, despite having a width of 95 cm and a height of 135 cm. Its depth, 46.5 cm, makes it easy to place anywhere. Assembly is extremely straightforward, allowing you to place your "Dover" floor display anywhere and move it around in an instant whenever you want.

Order Your Floor Display in a Few Clicks, and We'll Assist with Design!

You can have your customized "Dover" floor display at your doorstep quickly. Simply configure it to your liking, specify the quantity, and accept the quote. Once accepted, use the template and instructions we provide to create your print file, and you're ready to go! If you wish to modify your print file's design, you can also use our handy free online editor, Designer, which is simple and intuitive. Once customized and ordered, your "Dover" floor display will be delivered promptly to the address you provided. It's that easy!

If you need assistance with the design of your "Dover" floor display, you can simply hire one of our Design Services for Modification (if you only need minor adjustments to your design) or for Creation (if you need us to create it from scratch). If you have any questions or special requests regarding your floor display, please contact our Customer Service! We're here to assist you!

Personalize Your Floor Display and Many More Items!

Yes, your "Dover" floor display is fantastic, but we have many more offerings for you! For a complete cardboard decoration, we also suggest our Toronto display stand, which allows you to present your products in an original and eye-catching way! For trade shows and events or for separating areas in your establishment, our cardboard room divider may come in handy; it is highly practical as a separator and also serves to promote your brand's image. And how about some decorative silhouettes for your storefront, event, or store? They are truly unique. Browse our website, and in addition to your "Dover" floor display, you will find numerous items to customize to your liking.