Pocket 160

Don't leave brochures or postcards scattered across your counters or displays – order this cardboard wall display that's designed to be fixed to walls or shelves.

  • Lamination available
  • Double-sided sticky tape provided

Cardboard Leaflet dispenser

At trade fairs and industry events, the available space for setting up your exhibition area is often limited and restricted. That's why saving some space can be especially advantageous. Pocket is a wall display that serves as a practical pocket organizer, cost-effective, and easy to apply to vertical surfaces.

With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to get a convenient, customized Pocket 160 display that aligns with your company's corporate image. Order it now on our website with just a few simple clicks and receive it directly at your office with fast and punctual shipping.

An Economical and Practical Cardboard Leaflet dispenser

Pocket 160 is made of single-wave cardboard, lightweight yet sturdy, on which you can apply either a glossy or matte lamination. It comes with practical adhesive strips for quick application, although the use of more effective adhesives is recommended for heavier weights.

This is the medium-sized version of the Pocket series, with the following dimensions:

  • Width - 16 cm
  • Height - 14 cm
  • Depth - 4.5 cm

The container is ideal for displaying brochures and leaflets within your trade fair spaces or at point-of-sale locations. It allows for significant space savings and adds a splash of color to your booth.

Pocket Wall Displays and Other Ideas for Your Spaces

Pocket 160 is one of the 3 products in the Pixartprinting Pocket series. Pocket 110 is the smaller-sized version, while Pocket 220 offers larger capacity. Choose the one that suits you best and equip your spaces with a practical and original solution for storing your items.

On our website, you'll find many other ideas for your brand communication. We recommend exploring our totem-style displays to discover the most suitable solution for you.