Double-Sided Outdoor Roll-Up

Who said that roller banners can only be used indoors? Pixartprinting has a double-sided display designed to make your message stand out in outdoor environments too. The base can be filled with sand or water, ensuring excellent durability and stability even during strong winds.

  • Carry bag included
  • Prints can be ordered separately
  • Assembly instructions

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The Outdoor Roller Banner: A New Shape for Outdoor Promotion!

Are you looking for an ideal advertising tool to use in outdoor environments for your outdoor communication? The new Outdoor Roller Banner is an incredibly convenient and effective retractable display to give great visibility to your promotional messages in the open air. It withstands the impact of weather conditions: the printed canvas is made of waterproof and durable material, while the weighted base and feet ensure the stability of the display even in particularly windy situations.

Despite these useful properties, the Outdoor Roller Banner is really easy to transport and install. Thanks to the transport trolley included in the price, you can comfortably take the display with you on the go without bearing its weight. The assembly is fast and intuitive. In just a few minutes, you can use the Roller Banner to give visibility to your messages.

With Pixartprinting, you have the option to order your new retractable displays for outdoor use online, printed with images chosen by you or with custom graphics. High printing quality and punctuality are the two factors that guide our work every day. You will have a unique tool in line with your company's branding.

80 x 200 cm Roll Up Displays in EcoFlat: Quality and Reliability

Our Outdoor Roller Banners are "built to last." They are equipped with a sturdy aluminum support structure and a weighted base, which can be easily filled with water or sand. The frame has a practical adhesive fastening system at the top and bottom, for quick application of the two banners to the supports. You can order the entire structure or just a new print if you already have the first one. This way, you can easily update your promotional images using the same frame. You can print the same image on both sides or apply different graphics to each side. If you believe your store deserves more than the classic sign, choose the new Outdoor Roller Banner. Capture the attention of all passersby with a "front-back" message. Thanks to the Outdoor Roller Banner, your message duplicates, becoming visible from both sides.

Once assembled, the Roller Banner will have the following dimensions:

  • Width - 96 cm
  • Height - 211 cm
  • Depth - 48 cm

Your image will be printed on EcoFlat canvas 80 x 200 cm. It is a plastic material particularly suitable for printing, waterproof and durable. Composed of several different layers (PVC, PET, PVC), it is a semi-rigid support characterized by a smooth surface and a high-density gray back, which prevents light from filtering through and ensures optimal visibility of the graphics. It can be disposed of in the dry waste without any problem. Alternatively, you can choose PET PVC free, an equally performant support that is environmentally friendly

Every outdoor occasion is ideal for promoting your message. What better means than the Outdoor Roller Banner?

Excellent Quality-Price Ratio: Discover it with the Free Quote and Order Your Outdoor Roller Banners!

By selecting the customization options, the number of units, and the delivery date you prefer, you will be able to know the price of the product in real time, estimated based on your choices. Inside the product page, there is a convenient free quote that will allow you to preview the final price of your new Outdoor Roller Banners.

Complete the order to receive them directly in your store or office, through fast and punctual shipping. Remember that, in case of any doubts or difficulties, you can always rely on our customer support services. In any case, you can download the useful template and valuable instructions for correct setup of your print file from the product page.

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