Basic Mask

Our Basic Masks, available to order in as few as five items, are not personal protective equipment or medical devices but they are an excellent tool to protect you and your colleagues.

  • Single-layer fabric
  • Ozone sanitised
  • Made and packaged in Italy
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Custom face mask from Pixartprinting

Face masks are sadly now part of our daily lives. At this particularly difficult time, your safety and the safety of your loved ones comes first. That's why Pixartprinting has decided to use its printing technology to produce custom masks made from fabric. You can print the logo of your company or organisation, or an image, on the surface of our 100% polyester masks, which are machine washable and reusable.

Please note that this is not PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) nor a medical device, it is solely for use by the general public. The product is made from 100% polyester with materials that are suitable for prolonged contact with the skin. It is machine washable at up to 60°C and is sanitised with an ozone treatment before packaging.

You can order your new custom masks on this page in just a few clicks. Select your preferred configuration and tell us the quantity you require. Then the product will be sent directly to your office (or home) with fast and prompt shipping.

Print your custom face mask online

It is quick and easy to customise our fabric face masks. You can select the options that best suit your requirements in just a few clicks and create your ideal product:

  1. Graphic design: you can choose one of our pre-defined graphic designs or select the “Customisable” option to print your own image on the face mask, such as the logo of your business or organisation. For the latter, we recommend downloading the useful Template from the website as it contains full guidelines from our experts on how to ensure that your print file is set up correctly.
  2. Quantity: once you have finished customising the product, select the number of units you require of the custom face mask and you will be given a free quote, which is automatically generated based on your selections.

Remember that our Support services will be available if you have any questions or specific requests.

Pixartprinting's contribution to fighting emergency

We will donate the first 20,000 custom masks to civil protection and we will continue to make a percentage of the items available at cost price for welfare organisations carrying out acts of solidarity. But we are still available to take your orders at any time.

Are you organising an initiative related to the Covid-19 emergency that would benefit from our printing service? Contact

Frequently asked questions about customised masks

  • When can I use Pixartprinting's customised face masks? Our Fabric Masks are not an item of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or a medical device, they are solely for use by the general public. As such, they cannot and should not be used as a substitute for the proper precautions indicated by the institutions to stop the spread (such as social distancing and washing hands adequately). It is a product that offers an extra layer for your safety and the safety of others. It can, therefore, be used when you need to leave home to shop at the supermarket and in situations when you may be around other people.
  • Why choose Pixartprinting's Fabric Masks? The cutting-edge technology that we use at Pixartprinting enables us to produce customisable, reusable, comfortable masks at low prices. You can give the product a unique look, printing the logo of your company or organisation on the surface to make colleagues and workers instantly recognisable. Our careful research has allowed us to source the best materials to produce masks that are suitable for prolonged contact with the skin and are machine washable. You can take them with you and use them several times without reducing their efficacy.
  • How do I wash my Fabric Mask? The Fabric Mask should be washed after every use to keep it sanitised for when you need it next. You can wash the mask in the washing machine at up to 60°C.
  • How do I put on and remove my mask correctly? Make sure that the mask is suitably sanitised before you put it on and wash your hands and face. Bring it towards your face, at nose height, and position the elastic behind your head; then, lower the bottom of the mask to cover your mouth and chin, as well as your nose, and make sure it sticks to the surface of your face. When you have finished with it, carefully wash your hands and remove the mask, only touching the elastic behind your head. Then wash your hands again.
  • Can prolonged use of the Fabric Mask damage your skin? Our Fabric Masks are made from 100% polyester, a material suitable for prolonged contact with the skin.