Election Printing

Choose Pixartprinting to ensure voters choose you. Print your election communication materials easily and affordably: we have all the tools you need to ensure your message stands out, from posters and flags to election leaflets and customised gazebos.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Reach all your voters
Postcards, envelopes, headed paper and flyers: our range of products is perfect for sending voters the information that will convince them to choose you.
Meet your voters outdoors
To reach as many people as possible, create flags, gazebos, banners and posters to put up in public spaces. Grab people's attention outdoors too!

Political business cards, posters, flyers and much more: bring your election messages to life with Pixartprinting!

Are you organising your next election campaign? With Pixartprinting, you can print all the election materials you need for your offline communication: political business cards, campaign posters, flyers and loads of other products. It is quick and easy to print them through our website and you can enjoy great prices and a variety of customisation options.

During an election campaign, offline communication inevitably needs to be integrated with online communication, creating a mix of messages that can reach potential voters at the right time. Bring your ideas to life with a high-quality print and create election materials that express your values! Customisation is key at Pixartprinting: our service is customer-orientated, convenient and efficient. In just a few clicks you can create your products and have them delivered directly to your office using our punctual shipping service.

Political business cards: print your pocket-sized messages

Small and lightweight for pocket-sized communication, political business cards can be distributed in any setting and can be hugely successful if they have an appealing look.

What information should a political business card contain?

  • Candidate's name and surname
  • Candidate's photo
  • Logo of the party or list they belong to
  • Short slogan
  • Voting instructions: using a graphic on the back of the card, you can explain to voters how they can vote for the candidate (facsimile).

It is crucial that the business card is printed in the right size: it should fit in a wallet or pocket. At Pixartprinting, we print political business cards in different paper types and formats: rectangular (8.5x5.5 cm, 9x5 cm, 8.5x5 cm) or square (5.5x5.5 cm). Select your preferred customisation options and impress voters with a high-definition product that is fully aligned with your branding!

Campaign posters: visibility for impactful communication

While political business cards are designed to be kept in voters' pockets or wallets, the aim of campaign posters is to make the candidate's political messages as visible as possible. That is why we offer large-format outdoor posters printed in high definition using the latest technology. There are 12 pre-defined formats to give your messages full visibility and adaptability. For the print, we use Magistra Deluxe Blueback 120 gsm paper, which is tear-proof and produces bright colours.

Don't be afraid of doing things on a big scale! Don't limit your desire to communicate and tell your ideas to voters using high-quality campaign posters featuring your party's logo and colours.

Election flyers: share your ideas at low prices!

For widespread communication, you can count on a timeless promotional product: the election flyer. Printed in large quantities at low prices, flyers allow you to spread your political messages quickly and easily. They can be distributed in busy places like squares or roads or at stands.

An election flyer contains all the necessary information to spark the interest of potential voters. In a few lines, you can share the key points of your political beliefs and your vision, as well as provide useful contact information for anyone who wants to find out more. A flyer's job is done in a few seconds, after which it will probably be thrown away. Those few seconds are your chance to impress the reader: an unusual material and an original print could make a huge difference! That is why Pixartprinting offers lots of customisation options when you create your flyers. You can choose the format, dimensions, paper type, weight and lamination, as well as personalise them with your ad-hoc graphics.

Discover all the election materials you can print with Pixartprinting

Our section dedicated to election materials includes a wide range of products, which can all be fully customised and printed in high definition:

  • Political business cards
  • Outdoor Campaign Posters
  • Indoor posters
  • Election Flyers
  • Folded Flyers
  • Political campaign envelopes
  • Political postcards
  • Election stickers/labels
  • Badges featuring a logo or personalised text
  • Banners
  • Panels (made from aluminium, Foamex, PVC, Plexiglas and other rigid media)
  • roller banner
  • Feather flags
  • Political flags
  • Campaigning gazebos

Get ready for your upcoming campaign and choose Pixartprinting as your printing partner! Customer support, continuous innovation and careful study of materials has guided our activity for more than 25 years. We offer a punctual and affordable online printing service that is always just a click away.

Order your new political business cards or campaign posters in just a few clicks

Once you have chosen the right products for you, you can configure them by selecting the customisation options on the page. We offer a useful Template, which contains guidelines from our experienced graphic designers to help you set up your print file correctly. You can view the price of the items in real-time thanks to the free quote that is estimated automatically when you configure the product.

Once you have submitted your order, you can rely on our Customer Support services if you have any questions or specific needs. The products will be sent to you quickly via our punctual and reliable shipping services.

Share your ideas and values on high-quality election materials! Choose Pixartprinting for printing political business cards, posters, flyers and many more items.