Outdoor Campaign Posters

Our outdoor posters are designed to promote your message in outside spaces and urban environments on any type of surface. They are made from a rain-resistant paper with a blue back that prevents light passing through, making any posters underneath invisible.

– Various sizes available – From just five copies

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70 x 100 campaign posters: promote your political ideas and earn the trust of voters.

Campaign posters are one of the most effective and communicative ways to make a new political candidate, party or project known to as many people as possible.

Political billposting is an indispensable way to reach potential sympathisers and supporters quickly and effectively.

Printing campaign posters in 70x100 cm format allows you to show the candidate's face and make sure that it is remembered by voters, associating the face with the political party and a slogan or policy.

Buy your customised political posters now and get your political career underway, telling people who you are and gaining support.

Print campaign posters with Pixartprinting: fast, efficient and affordable

Effectively communicate your political beliefs and explain your ideas to voters using short messages and slogans.

The right tools have a very important role in political promotion, and what tool could be better than campaign posters to give you a presence all around town?

Printing campaign posters online with Pixartprinting is extremely fast, practical and affordable. You can fully customise the print, choosing the standard 70 x 100 format or other sizes to suit your needs. Personalise the posters by printing your chosen graphics on them. If you already have the artwork, you can simply upload it to us, or you can create it using our Designer tool or have our experienced graphic designers create your campaign posters for you.

70 x 100 campaign posters on Magistra Deluxe Blueback 120 gsm paper

Your campaign posters will be printed on Magistra Deluxe Blueback 120 gsm paper. This anti-pulping paper is the ideal choice for billposting.

Its bright finish was designed specifically for outdoor posters (it is guaranteed to last 2-3 months when applied with posting paste).

This paper has a blue coating on the back which hides any posters underneath, making the printed colours appear brighter.

Fast and affordable campaign poster printing.

Why print campaign posters with Pixartprinting? Our brand is synonymous with reliability, speed and low prices. If you want, you can receive your campaign posters in just a few days, or you can take a look at the delivery schedule to see other dates and find the best price to snap up your election posters.

So, what are you waiting for? If your election campaign is about to start, get ready to impress.