Political Business Cards

Print your political business cards with us! Our paper business cards are available in either a classic landscape orientation or in portrait, if you want something a bit different. Stand out by choosing a different size, with four options available.

Political business cards: 

Political business cards: bring your election messages to life with Pixartprinting!

Are you organising an election campaign? Did you know that with Pixartprinting you can print all the election materials you need for your offline communication? Political business cards, campaign posters, flyers and loads of other products. It is quick and easy to print them through our website and you can enjoy great prices and a variety of customisation options.

Political business cards

or election business cards are very important tools that are essential to the success of your campaign. 

In practical pocket-sized formats, the political business cards enable widespread promotion at an incredible price. Create your political business cards and hand them out to your loyal collaborators so that every handshake leaves a lasting impression. 

It is very easy to create your political business cards online. Edit the model, choosing the material, shape and size, and customise it with your slogan and political messages Our political business cards are very competitively priced, which means you can order your election business cards with huge savings.

Political business cards: print your pocket-sized messages

Small and lightweight, political business cards can be very useful for "pocket-sized" communication. They can easily be distributed in any social setting and can be hugely successful if they have an appealing look.

  • What information should a political business card contain?
  • Candidate's name and surname
  • Candidate's photo
  • Logo of the party or list they belong to
  • Short slogan
  • Voting instructions: using a graphic on the back of the card, you can explain to voters how they can vote for the candidate (fac simile).

The business card must be printed in the correct size: it should be pocket-sized or small enough to fit in a wallet. You can choose from political business cards in different paper types and formats: rectangular (8.5x5.5 cm, 9x5 cm, 8.5x5 cm) or square (5.5x5.5 cm). Select your preferred customisation options and impress voters with a high-definition product that is fully aligned with your branding!