Cocktail Napkins

Single-ply pure cellulose napkins. Customisable in one colour and ideal for use in dispensers. Dimensions when open: 17x17 cm. Dispenser not provided.

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Custom Bar Napkins: Attention to Every Detail

If you own a hospitality business, you surely understand the importance of paying attention to every little detail for its success. At Pixartprinting, we are also aware of this importance, and that's why we have made available a product your customers are sure to love: custom bar napkins. Sure, you could use plain white dispenser napkins without any branding, and your customers would use them just the same, but why not customize them with your image or logo, turning them into unique personalised bar napkins? Pixartprinting's mini service napkins are made with a layer of pure cellulose and are ideal for establishments with napkin dispensers.

Don't hesitate any longer, order your custom bar napkins with Pixartprinting! The best quality at the best prices in the market!

Configure Your Custom Bar Napkins

Pixartprinting's mini service napkins are fully customizable to your preferences. Among the non-customizable options for your dispenser napkins are the paper color, which will always be white, the number of layers (one), and the size, which is 12.3 × 8.5 cm (17 × 17 cm when opened).

However, you can customize the following features of your mini service napkins:

  • Customizable surface: you can choose to print areas A and B of your personalised bar napkins or just print area A or B.
  • Print color: you can choose from six different colors for your dispenser napkins (burgundy, blue, green, grey, black, and mustard).
  • Design: you can fully personalize the design you want to print on your mini service napkins. Just follow the steps we're going to indicate next, and that's it, there's nothing more you need to do.

How Do I Order My Custom Bar Napkins?

To print your custom bar napkins with Pixartprinting, just follow these steps. It's just a few clicks, and the process is very simple, you'll see. Start by uploading the template with your design for your mini service napkins to our website. Once uploaded, select the customization options that best suit your dispenser napkins. Finally, just tell us the number of custom bar napkins you desire, the delivery address, and place the order. That's it! We'll take care of the rest!

Additionally, if you have any questions, you should know that we have a multilingual Customer Service to help you resolve any issues or questions in your own language. Could it be any simpler?

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