Paper placemats

Customisable A3 placemats. Printable on the front only.

  • Three materials to choose from
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Custom Restaurant Placemats

Print Your Personalized Placemats with Pixartprinting

Do you want to make a statement in your restaurant or hospitality business? Are you detail-oriented and want every item to be printed with your logo or message? Look no further, Pixartprinting's paper placemats are exactly what you need.

If you want to impress your diners, having custom paper placemats printed with your logo or image is an ideal choice. You can promote your business while customers dine, and at the same time, have affordable paper placemats that serve as decoration.

Features of Our Paper Placemats for Restaurants

At Pixartprinting, we are known for the customization options we offer on our products. If you want to order paper placemats for restaurants, take a look at the customization options we provide:

  • Format: we offer a unique format for customized placemats, measuring 29.7 × 42 cm.
  • Paper: you can select two types of paper for your placemats (Magno Natural, a food-grade 100 g paper, smooth, uncoated, and very white, and Munken Print Cream, a 90 g uncoated cream-colored paper).
  • Printing characteristics: since the paper placemats for hospitality will only be seen on one side, only front side printing is available.

If you want to print custom placemats with your logo, don't hesitate, choose Pixartprinting!

We Help You Design Your Own Paper Placemats

If you already have your design for your custom paper placemats and want to modify it, just use our free online editor, Designer. It's easy, intuitive, and you can make all the changes you want to the image to be printed on your paper placemats.

If you prefer us to handle the image tweaking for your custom paper placemats, just purchase our Design Modification Services and our professional designers will tweak the print file to perfection. Our professional designers can also create the design of your paper placemats from scratch – just order our Design Creation Services! Simply tell us your idea for the design, the colors, the type of business, and we will propose designs until we reach what you had imagined.

How to Order Your Custom Placemats

Ordering your custom restaurant placemats is a piece of cake (no pun intended). To order your custom paper placemats, the first thing to do is to visit our website, head to the Hospitality section, and once there, enter the Tableware and Table Textiles section. Once you are on the individual paper placemats page, select the format and paper type for your custom placemats. Depending on your choice, your custom placemats will either be in a natural white Magno color or a more creamy color. Then, download the template we provide to create a correct print file with the image you want.

If you have doubts about how to correctly use the template for your custom placemats, our Customer Service will be happy to help you prepare the file just as you want. Moreover, our Customer Service is multilingual so you can resolve any difficulties or questions in your own language. Could it be any easier? Once you have selected the customization options and uploaded the file for your custom placemats, choose how many custom placemats you want for your business.

The larger the quantity, the lower the budget per unit for each placemat. Take advantage of it! Finally, remember that we guarantee fast and punctual delivery, so in no time at all, you'll have your custom paper placemats at the address you indicate.

Custom Placemats and Much More!

If you like our custom placemats and are familiar with the quality of our hospitality products and want to explore more items for your business, we recommend visiting our Hospitality section, where you can find everything from Tableware and Table Textiles to Menus. Additionally, if your business serves take-out products, why not impress your customers with quality Hospitality Packaging? Our packaging is made with the best food-grade cardboard on the market. Check out the endless variety of Packaging products we have for your business. What are you waiting for? Order now at Pixartprinting!