Four sizes of doormat with anti-trip edging. For indoor use.

Create Your Own Personalised Doormat to Greet Clients and Employees

Whether you want your booth to make a strong first impression or your office to be warm and inviting, ensuring the comfort of both clients and employees is essential. You can achieve this effortlessly with our range of custom doormats! Make a memorable welcome by designing your very own doormat with a logo, a custom message, or any design you prefer.

Corporate doormats serve as an additional tool to maintain a consistent company image. You can rely on us to turn this vision into a reality!

A doormat with a logo is the perfect choice for enhancing your brand's communication in a practical and straightforward way.

Our custom doormats are suitable for businesses and various types of establishments, providing both a welcoming atmosphere and an original, effective marketing element.

Cleanliness and Safety with Your Personalised Doormat

Our custom doormats feature a border made entirely of nitrile rubber, meticulously designed to ensure stability for everyone who steps on them. The back of these logo doormats is also crafted from the same rubber, offering a firm grip on the floor. The fabric used in crafting these personalised doormats effectively brushes off dirt from shoe soles and can withstand constant foot traffic. With our custom doormats for businesses, you can keep your spaces clean and orderly.

Corporate doormats are not only hygienic but also aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly combining marketing and practicality in a single item.

Various Sizes for Your Personalised Doormats

Pixartprinting provides a selection of four different sizes to cater to your specific needs when it comes to your doormat with a logo:

  • Small personalised doormat: 86 x 60 cm
  • Medium personalised doormat: 120 x 85 cm
  • Large personalised doormat: 150 x 100 cm
  • XXL personalised doormat: 200 x 150 cm.

You'll undoubtedly find the ideal dimensions among our custom doormats to create corporate doormats that align perfectly with your requirements.

Choose the Perfect Logo Doormat for Every Occasion

Our logo doormat or personalised message can be used in various indoor settings, from offices to trade show booths. Your custom doormats, tailored for each occasion, are sure to capture attention.

These custom doormats for businesses, offices, events, or even homes seamlessly adapt to any space, subtly creating a strong brand image.

Corporate doormats are undoubtedly a decorative, practical, and essential element that should be present in any business setting.

Decorate Your Spaces with Style: Personalised Doormats and More

After welcoming clients and employees with your logo doormat at the entrance, you can continue to enhance your spaces. In our Interior Decoration section, you'll discover a wide range of items to beautify your office or booth. If you want your custom doormats to stand out in your environment, you may also find our Cardboard Chairs a valuable addition.

Our website offers not only personalised doormats but also a variety of other items for practical and cohesive decoration.

Why Choose Pixartprinting for Your Logo Doormat and More?

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the satisfaction of 95% of our customers (600,000 per year), as reported by Revoo, an independent review collection system. This satisfaction extends to our range of products, including our corporate doormats. While ordering your custom doormats, you can request any assistance you need. Our multilingual customer service is available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, ready to assist you at every step.

Order your custom doormats from Pixartprinting today, and we are confident you will be thoroughly pleased with the results!