Boxes with Thumb Tab

If you're looking for secure packaging, these boxes are the ideal solution. The thumb tab makes them easier to open and ensures they remain fastened during shipping.

  • Optional custom cut-out
  • Special finishes available

Tab locking boxes: for security and easy opening

Keep your products secure during distribution and shipping with Pixartprinting’s tab locking boxes. Not only does the thumb tab keep the fastening in place, ensuring that your products remain protected, but it also makes the boxes easier for your customers to open. The boxes with thumb tab are suitable for all kinds of products, from gadgets and accessories to beauty products and jewellery.

You can add your logo or graphics to the tab locking boxes so that they truly reflect the style of your shop or e-commerce business, and you can also customise aspects such as the size, paper type and add special finishes and custom cut-outs.

Customising your tab locking boxes

With Pixartprinting, you can create bespoke boxes with thumb tab that meet your needs by customising them in various different ways:

  • Dimensions: the tab locking boxes are available in widths ranging from 5 cm to 12 cm and a variety of depths depending on the width selected.
  • Paper type: choose from three different types of paper, Ultra-thick paperboard, Premium uncoated card or Ivory rough-finish card.
  • Special finishes: if you select the Ultra-thick paperboard or the Premium uncoated card, you can add special finishes to protect the print and make certain details stand out. The options include a 3D varnish, gold foil or silver foil. Special finishes can only be added to one side of the product and are not available with the Ivory rough-finish card.
  • Custom cut-outs: you have the option to add holes or windows in any shape or size to the tab locking boxes.

Ordering tab locking boxes from Pixartprinting

Order your new custom tab locking boxes in just a few clicks with our easy-to-use form. Select your ideal customisation options to configure your product and view the free online quote offering you a variety of prices and delivery dates. Later dates come with even lower prices!

Then, download the Template and Instructions to ensure that your print file meets our requirements and place your order and upload your artwork. You can then sit back and wait for your high-quality boxes with thumb tab to be delivered to your door.

For any queries about the tab locking boxes or placing an order, our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

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