Confectionery Boxes

Our confectionery boxes – ideal for takeaways from cafes and patisseries – are simple to assemble and have plenty of space for wrapped cakes or snacks. The smallest size can be used for packaging sweets to give out as favours at events like weddings or baptisms.

  • Five sizes
  • Optional custom cut-out

Your new confectionery and bakery boxes

Our Confectionery Boxes are perfect for packaging bakery and patisserie products, such as pastries, sweets and macarons. Made from paperboard, they can be printed with your original graphics. You can create customised Confectionery Boxes aligned with your shop's branding. Print your logo on the surface, choose the perfect colours for your new packaging and make your new bakery boxes instantly recognisable!

It is easy to order your new Confectionery Boxes from Pixartprinting. It only takes a few clicks on this page. To create unique, high-quality packaging, take advantage of our printing service dedicated to companies and professionals.

Custom Confectionery Boxes

With Pixartprinting, you can create personalised Confectionery Boxes.

  1. Configure your ideal product, selecting your preferred customisation options on this page.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from our graphic designers on how to set up your print file correctly.
  3. Submit your order and upload your print file.

Your new Confectionery Boxes will be sent directly to your shop via our fast and punctual shipping service. If you have any questions or specific requests, you can rely on our Customer Support services. We will be happy to give you the help you need at any stage of your purchase.

It is easy to create customised Confectionery Boxes! Use unique packaging for your bakery products and delight your customers.

Cardboard confectionery boxes

Our boxes for confectionery and bakery products are made from lightweight but resistant cardboard. They are printed in high definition with clear images and bright colours. You can use them for takeaway pastries, sweets and other bakery products.

Please bear in mind that they are not suitable for direct contact with food.

Boxes for confectionery, patisserie and bakery products

Our extensive catalogue contains a wide range of products for custom packaging. Not only all sorts of made-to-measure boxes but also Paper Bags, Labels and Stickers to decorate your packaging. Find the best products for your business and customise them with your graphics!