Create your personalised shopper bag

Are you looking for personalised shopper bags for your shop customers? Do you want a bag that can be customised with your logo to hand out to prospective customers at your trade fair stand? Or would you simply like to create a personalised shopping bag with your name or photo on it? Then our personalised tote bags are perfect for you! With Pixartprinting, you can create your own fully customisable shopping bag quickly and easily. Choose your preferred product setup on the product page, select an image to print, submit your order and have your product delivered directly to your home or shop.

What are personalised tote bags?

The term tote bag is derived from the English word "tote" which means to carry. This type of bag was already in use in the '40s; it is spacious and practical, designed to carry everyday weights such as shopping, school books or any objects you might want to take with you.

Our personalised tote bags, or shopping bags, consist of a large, single compartment and two long, practical handles to carry the bag over your shoulder. Very popular with university students, the use of this type of bag exploded in recent years and it is often used as a promotional tool or for personalised shopper bags in stores.

Print anything you like on your personalised shopper bags

You can print on the entire surface of the personalised shopper bags. You can choose to print whatever you want, from your company logo to a photo that covers the entire surface of the bag. The print is high quality with extremely clear details. Remember that our Customer Support service will always be available if you have any questions or specific requests. Our experienced advisors will be ready to help you with your purchase, from the initial stages to shipping.

Personalised shopper bags as a promotional tool

A personalised shopper bag featuring your company logo can be used as an excellent promotional tool to hand out at trade fairs and events. How many promotional items do you collect during exhibitions and events? After a while, you have nowhere to put them, which is why a personalised tote bag is one of the most useful items. Our shopping bags are also a useful and reusable item that can come in handy in people's daily lives: at home, on the underground or on the bus. And they'll be taking your company logo with them.

Thanks to our wide range of customisable promotional items, you can combine your personalised shopper bag with your preferred gadgets. You could put personalised pens and a notepad in them. Or more high-tech gadgets. It's up to you! There is a vast selection of products available.

Use personalised shopper bags in your store

In the last few years, many shops have decided to use personalised tote bags in their shops: durable, reusable bagsthat the customer buys and reuses for shopping in the future. The personalised bags are perfect for this and are a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. Customise them with your shop's logo and offer this new product to your customers, who will not only use them when they shop at your store but also for their daily errands.

How to order personalised shopper bags

  1. Configure your product by choosing the size, printing details and colour of the handles.
  2. Select one of our pre-defined designs or choose to create your own design for personalised tote bags.
  3. Enter the quantity.
  4. Tell us how you want to send us your print file. You can upload it to us in the upload area after completing your purchase or create your artwork in our free online tool, Designer. Find out more about Designer below.
  5. Download the Instructions and Template to make sure your print file is set up correctly.
  6. Select the PRO File Check & Fix option for an enhanced check of your artwork before printing. A standard check is included, so this extra check is optional.
  7. Check the delivery date and price, and then place your order for your personalised shopper bags!

Designer - create the graphics for your personalised shopper bags online

Don’t have the software to create the graphics for your personalised tote bags? Or would you simply prefer to create them online in an easy-to-use tool? Then try our free online Designer tool! You can upload your image, crop it, change the colours and add text and shapes. There is a convenient preview that you can check before submitting the artwork and make any changes, if necessary. Take a look at the demo above for more details and to see how straightforward it is. If you have any questions or need help creating your personalised shopper bags, remember that our Customer Support team is available seven days a week.

A whole range of personalised shopper bags

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