Tabloid Brochures

Tabloid brochures are the classic advertising magazine, designed for posting to a vast number of recipients. They have a standard A3 size, and are delivered folded in A4 format. The paper is very lightweight, making it perfect for business communications, discounts and promotions.

  • Variable number of pages
  • Standard size
  • Choice of three different papers
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Customised A3 folded leaflet – tabloid size

Tabloid size - from the world of publishing

What do we mean when we talk about tabloid size? Tabloid is a term borrowed from the world of publishing, in which it means a newspaper with smaller pages. Tabloid size is a popular printing type and is widespread in Britain.

Tabloid printing is often used to produce free-press newspapers, i.e. the free papers or magazines distributed in stations or left at metro stops, which are designed to be "disposable". Folded brochures are also commonly used by large supermarkets to promote their weekly offers; the magazines can be handed out to customers as they pay for their shopping or delivered to a large number of customers' homes.

The tabloid size magazine is used in a number of different fields. Tabloid is a direct descendent of the ANSI B paper size, transformed into the classic tabloid format that we all know better as A3 (431.8 mm x 279.4 mm).

Over time, it has evolved and adapted to various uses, but it has remained faithful to its lack of binding and its unique folding.

A3 leaflet printing is easy with Pixartprinting

Tabloid size magazines and A3 folded leaflets are often used as free-press newspapers and inserts in daily papers providing tourist or hotel information, but they are also widely used as promotional tabloids for large-scale distribution.

Printing customised folded brochures with Pixartprinting is a fast and high-quality solution suitable for delivery by post. It is a portrait A3 format that is folded to form an A4 tabloid with 4 or 8 sides.

Our personalised self-cover A3 folded leaflets (where the paper used for the cover is the same weight as the paper for the inside pages) include the following customisation options:

  • A choice of 4 or 8 sides
  • Available paper weights of 50 gsm, 70 gsm and 90 gsm, making them ideal as a tabloid size for delivery by post
  • Four-colour rotary offset printing
  • Runs of a minimum of 20,000 copies up to a maximum of 100,000 copies
  • Delivery in 7-9 days

The tabloid format is not bound and is traditionally only folded.

We recommend combining A3 leaflet printing with our affordable personalised cards for enhanced communication.

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