Perfect binding for large print runs

Perfect binding for large print runs is designed for creating product catalogues and brochures containing technical information and prices. Two sizes, A4 and A5, and extremely lightweight paper make this the perfect product for mailing out promotional materials.

  • Variable number of pages
  • Two sizes
  • Choice of two cover papers

Print High Volume Magazines with Perfect Binding

Pixartprinting gives you the opportunity to print your magazine with perfect binding in high volumes at unique prices and in just a few simple steps.

Print your magazine or create professional catalogs to showcase your products or your new collection. Whatever purpose the perfect bound magazines serve, we assure you the result will be exceptional!

If you are wondering on what occasions it is useful to print perfect bound magazines in high volumes, it's simple. Perfect bound magazines are suitable for numerous communication opportunities: the new collection of a furniture store to be sent by mail to all customers, a price catalog to be distributed in-store, an airline magazine to be given to passengers during flights, a specialized industry magazine to be gifted at a specific event. In short, printing perfect bound magazines is suitable for all types of widely distributed or advertising-focused magazines.

Perfect bound magazines are perfect for:

  • Creating magazines and magazines for resale or to give away at fairs and events
  • Printing fashion catalogs for representatives and stores
  • Printing promotional catalogs
  • Printing travel catalogs for travel agencies
  • Creating furniture catalogs
  • Printing art catalogs
  • Printing comics
  • Printing graphic novels

In short, as you can see, perfect bound magazines are excellent, qualitatively impeccable, and cost-effective tools, especially in high volumes, suitable for a multitude of uses. What do you want to print? Create your perfect bound magazines now!

Why Choose Perfect Bound Magazines?

The characteristic that distinguishes high volume magazines for postal shipment is their low grammage paper. Thanks to this lightness, shipping costs are reduced, making their delivery easy and economical.

Pixartprinting offers you various customization possibilities:

  • To fully customize your perfect bound magazine, you can choose between two different formats, A4 or A5.
  • Furthermore, based on your content needs, you can select printing with one hundred and sixteen or one hundred and thirty-two pages, including the cover.
  • The cover, glossy laminated on the front side only, can be of two hundred or two hundred and fifty grams.
  • The paper inside the magazine can be seventy or eighty grams, depending on the chosen type, either matte coated or glossy coated.

Once you have selected all the options that meet your printing needs, choose the appropriate delivery date for your printing schedule or customer needs. Pixartprinting will take care of the rest, delivering the magazine order directly to the specified address.

Low Costs for High Volumes

The low grammage of the paper is the main advantage of perfect bound magazines. Specifically selected for this type of publication, their lightweight paper allows for low shipping costs. High volume magazines are usually those focused on advertising, commercial, informational, or entertainment purposes, intended for wide distribution and a large audience.

Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for this type of perfect bound printing. Thanks to the numerous options offered to the customer, it combines high print quality with unique and competitive prices in the market.

Whether you are a large store, a chain of shops, or printing for a client, perfect bound printing for high volumes is the ideal solution to reach a wide audience at reduced costs and with excellent results.