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Realise your dream of becoming an author with Pixartprinting! Self-publish your novel, cookbook, or comic book, choosing from a variety of paper qualities, custom formats, and premium finishing options such as lamination and embossing. We offer quick and simple solutions for every editorial project. Publish now and add value to your creativity!

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Self Publishing: Shape Your Editorial Project with Our Printing Services

Are you a writer looking to materialise your literary work, be it a novel, an essay, a cookbook, or perhaps a comic book? With Pixartprinting, you can easily and quickly print your book through Self Publishing!

The term Self Publishing, or self-publication, refers to the publication of a work without going through a traditional publishing house. This method offers authors complete autonomy, leaving it to the readers themselves to evaluate the text and select successful titles. Self Publishing thus includes writing, printing, and publishing the work independently.

What are the advantages of Self Publishing?

Thanks to digitalisation, self-publication has become a beneficial option for many authors. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Creative control: Self Publishing allows for complete creative freedom. As printing and publication are autonomous, authors themselves make all decisions related to content, format, cover design, and sales strategy, without being bound by external publishers.
  • Higher earnings: without a traditional publisher taking a significant percentage of the revenue, authors who choose Self Publishing can earn a larger share per copy sold.
  • Speed of publication: self-publication also reduces the waiting time to market the book. Once printed, it can be distributed immediately.
  • Waste limitation: with Pixartprinting, printing is on demand, you decide how many copies you want and when you want to receive them. This minimises waste as only the necessary number of copies are produced.
  • Opportunity for experimentation: Self Publishing is also an excellent idea for those who want to experiment with new genres and/or literary ideas that might be considered too niche by traditional publishers, and therefore rejected.

Types of Self Publications

You can choose to print various genres and formats of Self Publishing with Pixartprinting, particularly you will find:

  • Novels: self-publication of novels is widespread among authors who wish to have total control over publishing and creativity. There are various genres of novels: fantasy, thriller, romance, real-life stories. It is important to generate engaging and well-written content. The cover is also not to be underestimated!
  • Short stories: ideal for those who are still defining their audience. This genre allows authors to explore different styles and themes in a single volume.
  • Comics: this category requires special attention to print quality so that illustrations are rendered at their best. But don't worry, Pixartprinting has this covered!
  • Cookbooks and cooking books: those who love cooking, whether amateurs or professionals, and wish to share their recipes with the world can easily take advantage of the Self Publishing process. Here too, an attractive design and quality images are crucial.
  • Manga: like comics, manga also need to pay close attention to print quality to do justice to the complex drawings typical of this genre.

Customise and Print Your Books with Self Publishing in Just a Few Clicks!

With Pixartprinting, a leader in online printing, you can print your projects in high quality, an aspect we have seen to be crucial in the realm of Self Publishing, at competitive prices.

Through product configuration, you can print your literary work with the features you desire. We provide a range of customisation options including:

  1. Format
  2. Orientation
  3. Type of cover
  4. Type of paper for both the booklet and the cover
  5. Weight
  6. Lamination

Enter the various product pages for Self Publishing, comics, Recipe books, cookery books, or manga to select the specific configuration options you prefer.

Then you have the opportunity to choose the quantity and the delivery date that best suit you. Remember that with Pixartprinting, ordering in advance is always advantageous! This way, you can access lower prices.