Wedding invitations

Printing wedding invitations is a crucial part of the wedding planning process. Your invitations set the tone for your special day, and our customizable options ensure they perfectly match your vision. Our high-quality printing services offer a range of materials and designs, ensuring your invites look stunning and make a lasting impression on your guests.

Print Your Wedding Invitations with Pixartprinting

Finally, the big day's date has been set, and preparations can gradually begin! Whether it's your Wedding or that of someone close to you, one crucial step is to notify all guests of the chosen date so they can save it in their calendars.

You could notify your guests with a simple WhatsApp Message, but how dull! No, for a significant date like a Wedding, things must be done in style, with printed wedding invitations on paper.

Paper invitations might seem outdated, but how stylish they are!

Here's a practical guide to creating and printing DIY Wedding invitations! Yes, you heard right: you can create and print your wedding invitations independently and receive them comfortably at home within 24 hours!

Some tips for making your DIY Wedding invitations:

  1. Choosing the Format: How do you make your Wedding invitation card? Start with the format; here, you can choose from various formats. The postcard product is available in 10x15, 10x21, 15x21, 15.5x14.8, or a custom format of your choice. Choose the format you prefer, but ensure its size is adequate for the information you wish to include.
  2. Choosing the paper: You can choose from various papers to print your wedding invitations on; we recommend a coarser paper like "Underwood - Woodstock Birch," which gives your invitation an artisanal and refined look, with an ecological and elegant feel. Choose a higher weight to further enhance this effect.
  3. Fonts and colours: The choice of fonts and colours for a wedding invitation often leans towards serif fonts resembling handwriting and a palette of soft, warm colours. To stand out, you can choose more modern, minimalist fonts with bright colours for your Wedding invitation card. If your Wedding has a specific theme, ensure it matches the card's theme.
  4. Necessary information: What information to include in your wedding invitations? Well, the essential information is usually in the centre, including the names of the couple, the date and time, the event's location, and any other information important to guests. You can add more information on the card's back, such as directions to the venue and the dress code.
  5. The event's style: If the Wedding has a specific theme, like "1920s Wedding," reflect it in the wedding invitation, and remember to inform guests about the dress code to ensure the ceremony turns out as you desire.

Your DIY Wedding invitations to print

Do you want to create DIY wedding invitations to print? Pixartprinting is the right place. Design your wedding invitation using our design tool; apply background colours, images, shapes, and texts. Create your DIY wedding invitations and send them directly to print!

The process is straightforward:

Choose the product that suits you best, from classic postcards, invitations, or noble postcards. Once you've chosen the card to use as your wedding invitation, customise it by choosing the format, paper type, and additional enhancements. Select the number of invitations needed and the delivery date, and finally decide how to upload the design to print on your wedding invitations.

Choose whether to upload a ready-made design, create one using our "designer" tool, or seek assistance from one of our expert designers in card creation.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your DIY wedding invitations, print them immediately, and take advantage of the discounts!

Other ideas for your Wedding

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