Tower Display

Our tower display provides a functional and sustainable way to furnish your shop. The unit has three shelves for showing off your products, and you can assemble the side walls in different ways depending on your needs or the layout of your display.

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Tower Type Cardboard Display Stand, A Truly Beautiful Presentation

There are product displays and then there are product displays, and ours is "The Product Display." With customizable fronts and sides and three shelves, our Tower Type Cardboard Display Stand will catch everyone's eye! This sturdy Cardboard Display is very practical, as it can highlight various products while also being decorative, making it a piece of furniture that will beautify your exhibition space, whether it's a store or a trade fair. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to assemble, so you can move it as many times as you wish. On your Cardboard Display, once personalized, you can place decorative objects, food items, clothing, whatever you want!

A Beautiful, Practical, and Durable Cardboard Display

This Cardboard Display has a height of 155 cm, a width of 55 cm, and a depth of 40 cm. The 3 shelves it features have a height of 34 cm each, a depth of 40 cm, and a width of 45 cm. Each of the side panels of this Cardboard Display measures 40 × 34 cm. Due to its size, it can be placed anywhere but at the same time, it has a good capacity to display numerous products.

Moreover, these product displays are made of 10 mm thick white honeycomb cardboard, with an internal honeycomb structure, rigid, very durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Your Tower Type Cardboard Display Stand will last for years!

Designer, Design Services, and Your Product Displays in Just a Few Clicks

When creating your Tower Type Cardboard Display, we will assist you at all times, thanks to our Customer Service and, if needed, our Design Services! If you already have your own design for your product displays, you can modify it with our free online editor, Designer, where you can also create your design from scratch. Alternatively, by hiring our Design Services, our team of professional designers will be available to help you create your design with the Creation Service or tweak it to your liking with the Modification Service.

Once your Cardboard Display is configured to your liking, chosen the quantity and accepted the quote and delivery date —we'll be very punctual!—, you'll just need to upload your print file (created by you or by us), using the template and instructions we provided and that's it!

Your Tower Type Cardboard Display Stand Seeks Company

So as not to leave your Tower Type Cardboard Display Stand alone, at Pixartprinting we have thought of other customizable items to keep it company. How about our Vaasa waste bin? By customizing it, you can promote your business and, at the same time, offer a basic paper collection service for recycling; a perfect two-in-one. And what about a Photo Booth Frame? At a fair, it's a great way for people to remember your stand and your products, a photo with your frame and your brand! For events and decoration, our Promotional Seats are also quite original, a practical and original way to boost communication for your business.