As well as separating your waste and recycling, why not make your bins easy to dispose of too? Choose Vaasa, a container with a square base that you can customise with your artwork, and don't leave anything to chance at conferences, festivals, events or your business premises – not even the bins!

  • Lamination available

A Large Capacity and Attractive Cardboard Trash Bin!

Featuring a minimalist design yet offering ample capacity, our Vaasa Cardboard Trash Bin stands out. It has a large surface for customization and straight lines for an elegant, beautiful, and simple aesthetic. Its square base makes it easy to place anywhere in your establishment, at fairs, and other events. Its large opening allows for easy disposal of papers and other products; it's very practical. This Cardboard Trash Bin is the ideal solution to be placed next to the counter or cash register, for discarding receipts and tags, or even for collecting garments or other products in aid initiatives. Customize it with your brand or your store's colors to give a uniform image and promote your business.

A Quality Cardboard Trash Bin

Weighing just 910 g, with a height of 80 cm and a width and depth of 30 cm each, this Cardboard Trash Bin strikes the perfect balance between attracting attention to your message, not taking up too much space, and having a good capacity. It is made of white 2-wave E + E corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 2.3 mm, ensuring tremendous strength and durability indoors. Additionally, the Vaasa Cardboard Trash Bin can be laminated for greater color stability. You can choose a matte lamination for a soft touch and sophisticated look, or glossy for a shining Cardboard Trash Bin!

Order Your Cardboard Trash Bin in Just a Few Clicks, We're Here to Assist You!

To order your Vaasa Cardboard Trash Bin, just configure it, request a quote indicating the quantity and date, and accept it. Then, you will need to upload your print file using our template and instructions. It's that easy! You will receive your Cardboard Trash Bin promptly thanks to our efficient shipping system! Our Customer Service team will be at your disposal at all times, should you have any doubts or special requests, and if you want us to help you tweak your design, consider acquiring our Design Services! Our team of professional designers will take care of modifying your design or creating a new design following your instructions. And if you prefer to modify or create the design for your Vaasa Cardboard Trash Bin yourself, use our free online editor, Designer! It's very simple and intuitive!

Vaasa Cardboard Trash Bin and Other Practical Elements to Promote Your Business

If you are interested in a shorter Cardboard Trash Bin, you might like our Vaasa small. Our Pocket 220 is also an excellent way to promote your brand, both using its exterior and by including brochures inside, and it's very easy to place anywhere. And, for magazines or other products, our cardboard display stand Toronto is an ideal solution! Your Vaasa Cardboard Trash Bin has a lot of potential customizable companions, browse our website to discover them!