Vaasa Small

As well as separating your waste and recycling, why not make your bins easy to dispose of too? Choose Vaasa Small, a compact container with a square base that you can customise with your artwork, and don't leave anything to chance at conferences, festivals, events or your business premises – not even the bins!

  • Lamination available

The Custom Cardboard Bin: Vaasa Small

Managing waste, which can clutter your spaces, is always a challenging problem to solve. However, even the most complicated situations can be tackled with a bit of cleverness. The Vaasa small waste bin is an original and cost-effective product. It's a customizable cardboard bin that transforms into an unexpected communication tool for your company. You'll have the opportunity to display the colors and logo associated with your business through a useful and essential item like a waste container.

You can order your personalized bin on our website with just a few clicks. Take advantage of Pixartprinting's affordable prices and fast, punctual shipping services. Our customer support is always ready to assist you in resolving any issues during the ordering process or after purchase.

An Economical and Original Cardboard Waste Bin

Vaasa small is made of double-wave 2.3 mm cardboard, lightweight yet durable. It's the smallest version of the Vaasa series and can be conveniently placed under a desk:

  • Width - 30 cm
  • Height - 62 cm
  • Base Depth - 30 cm

It can be easily assembled with the interlocking mechanism and conveniently transported from one room to another.

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Waste Bins and Other Customizable Displays

If a small container is not sufficient to keep your spaces clean, you can take a look at our Vaasa cardboard waste bin, which is larger and more capacious. Don't limit your desire to communicate! At Pixartprinting, you'll find many ideas to spread the image of your company with originality. We offer a wide range of customizable displays, including POS displays and promotional seating.