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We have a dedicated shopping bag for bottles too! Customise your paper bottle bags and use them to hold wine or spirits in your shop or bar, or take them to trade fairs for giving out gifts to customers.

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Wine Bottle Cases: Customized Bottle Holders

There's a popular saying that the first impression is what counts, and it couldn't be more true, right? What's the use of having high-quality products, such as drinks, if they are not presented as they deserve? It's proven that items that are visually appealing tend to achieve better sales results. So, why not take care of the packaging in which we present our products? To address this issue, we introduce Pixartprinting's wine bottle cases. These bottle holders are fully customizable and will add that touch of distinction and originality your products need. Want to know more about the wine bottle cases? Keep reading.

Impress Your Customers with Pixartprinting's Wine Bottle Holders

With Pixartprinting's wine bottle cases, you can promote any type of drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. From wines and beers to sodas or fruit juices. Thanks to the customization options we offer, our wine bottle cases will provide your products with an elegant style and a significant touch of distinction, necessary to catch your customers' attention.

If your customers see that your drinks are in an original and eye-catching wine bottle case, don't you think it's more likely they'll be inclined to purchase?

Personalized Wine Bottle Cases

Pixartprinting's wine bottle cases are fully customizable. Take a look at all their features:

  • Material: these wine bottle cases are made of 1.4 mm E-flute cardboard and are suitable for bottles with a diameter between 75 and 90 mm.
  • Finish: you can choose between two types of finishes for your wine bottle cases, a matte laminated finish or a glossy laminated finish.
  • Assembly: Pixartprinting's cardboard wine bottle cases are extremely easy to assemble, thanks to their interlocking system. In just a few seconds, you'll have your wine bottle cases perfectly assembled.
  • Personalization: you can personalize your wine bottle cases with your logo, your message, or any image you prefer. They are fully customizable! Just follow the steps indicated on our website, and in a few minutes, you will have your completely personalized wine bottle cases.

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