Paper Napkins

Two ply pure cellulose napkins. Available in square sizes and customisable in one colour.

Personalised Paper Napkins

Napkins made of pure virgin cellulose wadding, available in white in sizes 16.5 x 16.5 or 12x12.5 cm, printable with logos or designs of your choosing!

Print your personalised paper napkins at incredible prices

As of today, Pixartprinting is offering a new product in the “gastronomy” range, further expanding your business tools in the catering sector.

The new paper napkins from Pixartprinting are available on the site at incredible prices, with a wide range of customisation options.

You can purchase your personalised napkins directly via the web, selecting the size and print colour that you prefer; try making a quote, it's easy and fast!

There are 2 sizes available and numerous print colours to tailor your personalised napkins to the style of your decor.

Napkins with the logo and name of your bar or restaurant

Having a coordinated brand image is important even for a catering activity.

Choose paper napkins from Pixartprinting and order them together with paper placemats or PVC placemats to create a coordinated image of your bar, restaurant, or pizzeria.

Also, take a look at our personalised paper cups and our section for food packaging for takeaway. Do not hesitate to order your paper napkins now, and don't forget the other Pixartprinting products useful for furnishing your premises!