Packaging for online retailers

Choose one of our numerous packaging options for online retailers and ship your products in complete safety. Our classic or premium boxes and mailing envelopes are sure to give your customers a memorable experience, from the moment they arrive through to the unboxing.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Packaging as unique as your product
All our boxes are 100% customisable: personalise them however you like with a raft of different options, and produce packaging that fully reflects your brand and tells your business' story. Give your creativity free rein and create unique containers you won't see anywhere else.
Gifts with the wow factor
We have packaging to suit any type of gift as well as boxes for welcome packs, subscriptions or samples. All our options are available in a range of sizes and can be ordered from as little as one copy, optimising shipping and transport costs and ensuring you only use the amount you need, without any waste!
The best special effects
Special finishes, custom cut-outs, inside printing and lamination: create high-end packaging and add a spectacular touch to your boxes.

Custom postal boxes. Quick and easy packaging for your products

The first thing that a customer sees and touches when they buy one of your products is the packaging. Our postal boxes can help you express the value of your products. Think of some of your favourite brands: no doubt you remember the packaging of a lot of them. In fact, the right packaging can make a big difference and enhance the product, increasing the anticipation and excitement of the person who is about to open the box.

A customised postal box featuring your graphics, such as your company logo, will add an extra touch of professionalism to your packaging, making your products recognisable.

Create postal boxes with Pixartprinting

Have you just started an online retail business and are looking for boxes to ship your e-commerce products? Or do you already have a business but are looking for new postal boxes customised with your logo? With Pixartprinting, you can create your ideal packaging: personalised, high quality and functional.

On our site, you can find various models of postal boxes. All the boxes can be customised to your requirements: material, size and print area. The wide range of options means you can create endless types of packaging for e-commerce businesses, giving you the chance to design the right solution for you.

But don't worry! Although there are so many possibilities, it is actually very easy to create your e-commerce packaging. You will be guided through the process and can choose the material, quantity and other customisation options in just a few simple clicks.

  1. Configure the product, download the Template and Instructions and set up your print file.
  2. Once you have submitted your order, upload your print file to complete your purchase.

Your new postal boxes will be sent to your shop or office through our fast and reliable shipping service.

Remember, if you have any problems or specific requests, you can rely on our Customer Support services. One of our experienced advisors will be ready to help at any stage of your purchase.

Durable e-commerce packaging

One of the main features that a postal box should have is durability. The product will be exposed to situations of stress, during both storage and transport. So how can you ensure that your product reaches its destination safely? By choosing secure and reliable e-commerce packaging. That's why our postal boxes are made from lightweight but resistant cardboard.

Postal boxes, for small e-commerce businesses too

You don't need to be a large e-commerce business to use customised packaging. Even a small shop that sells online can choose personalised boxes for their deliveries.

Pixartprinting allows you to print packaging for your products in small quantities. If you have a business with a small volume of online sales, or you simply want to try different solutions before finding the best postal box for you, Pixartprinting is the perfect choice!

Postal boxes for all tastes

Have you opened a patisserie and sell pastries online? Do you have a wine e-commerce business and ship bottles to your customers' houses? Or do you sell customised accessories and clothes and need large and small boxes? Whatever your e-commerce business, we have the right box for you! Even better, it is easy to create your new custom postal boxes with us.

Take a look at our customisable made-to-measure boxes. We recommend our custom promotional boxes, our classic rectangular cardboard boxes, our flip lid promotional boxes, our boxes with thumb tab and our heavy-duty boxes.

Frequently asked questions about e-commerce packaging

  • Can I customise my e-commerce packaging? Yes! When you create your packaging, you can fully customise it. You can choose to print your graphics on the entire surface of your postal boxes or you can just print your logo on it. You can choose the material, the size of the box and any lamination or special finishes you might want to apply.
  • Are the postal boxes suitable for food? There is a special “Food Packaging” section where you can find all our packaging that is made from Delipac©, which is suitable for direct contact with food. Delipac© is a safe and grease-resistant paperboard.
  • Which postal box models can I find in the catalogue? Our extensive catalogue contains lots of different models of customisable boxes, which can be used for e-commerce businesses and in many other contexts. Once you have chosen a model, you can customise the dimensions, the material and other characteristics, configuring the product on that page.