Customize and print stunning labels and stickers  

Your personalized stickers in just a few clicks! Choose your Stickers' format, dimensions, and unique finishes and print them quickly and easily.


Circle labels and stickers  

Personalized Circle labels and stickers  

Do you want to print custom circle labels stickers? With Pixartprinting you can do it quickly and easily. On our site, you have the possibility to give shape to stickers, customizing every aspect: format, dimensions, unique finishes. Complete your order in a few clicks:  

1) Choose the Sticker model you prefer: choose the label or Sticker model that's right for you. We provide you with full-cut stickers, half-cut stickers, foil stickers and resin-coated stickers.  

2) Set the format and size of the Sticker: once you have entered the product page, you can specify the format and size of the Sticker.  

3) Choose the material: for the stickers, you can choose between white or transparent polypropylene. The resin-coated stickers, instead, are made of vinyl.  

4) Select any finishes and ennobles: choose to apply a unique finish to the labels, such as lamination or an anti-scratch paint.  

5) Specify the quantity: indicate the number of circle labels you want to print.  

6) Set up your file: Once the configuration is complete, download the template with instructions from the page and set up your file. 

7) Place the order and upload the file: submit your order and upload your graphic file to receive your new round stickers directly to your home with fast and punctual shipping.  

Remember that you can always rely on our support team in case of any doubts or special requests. We will always be ready to provide you with the necessary support at any stage of your purchase process.  


Single, sheet and resin-coated circle labels and stickers  

We offer you 4 customizable sticker templates. Polypropylene stickers are available in full cut, half cut, or sheet. On the other hand, the resin-coated stickers are made of vinyl and return a unique three-dimensional effect.  

  • Full cut circle labels and stickers: distributable in a single copy, they have the support shaped along the edge of the graphic. They are available in custom or predefined format (circular, square or rectangular).  

  • Half-cut circle labels and stickers: distributable in a single copy, they have the support with predefined cut (square or rectangular). They are available in custom or predefined format (circular, square or rectangular).   

  • Circle labels sheet: they are arranged on a sheet in A4, A5 or A3 format, from which they can be detached and glued wherever you want. The cut of every single Sticker follows the path indicated by the graphics.  

  • Resin domed circle labels and stickers: they are made of vinyl with a customizable base colour (white, clear, gold, silver, chrome) and are printable in custom or predefined format.  

To touch our products first hand, we recommend that you order the convenient Labels and Stickers Samples. Contains a sample of all of our major adhesive products.  


The contexts of use of circle labels and stickers   

The Circle labels are very versatile and can be used in different contexts. You can print Stickers with your Logo to be distributed for promotional purposes during fairs and events. You can also use your Stickers to "sign" your correspondence or shipping packages.  

The Stickers can also represent an excellent idea for a wedding party or a hen or stag party. Print the photo of the couple with excellent writing and distribute it to the guests as a souvenir!  


Circle labels and stickers and other ideas for your communication  

Within our extensive catalogue, you can find many printable products for your communication. They are all customizable and printed in high definition using the latest technologies. We recommend taking a unique look at the Adhesive labels, available in many formats and materials. We also provide you with stickers in large format to decorate your walls, your floors or your means of transport.  

Discover all the products in small and large formats! Personalize them and receive them wherever you want in a few clicks. 

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Circle labels and stickers

Die-Cut Stickers

Kiss-Cut Stickers

Sticker Sheets

Domed Stickers

Die-cut stickers have the support shaped along the edge of the graphic. They are ideal for handing out free to customers at trade fairs, festivals or events. You can also use them to decorate your products!

Die-cut stickers

Let's create!

Kiss-cut stickers are printed across the entire sheet, with a cut in your chosen shape. The whole backing sheet will be printed, providing a connection between the removable part and the part that remains attached.

Kiss-cut stickers

Let's create!

If you want to let your creativity run wild, sticker sheets are the perfect choice. You can print various stickers, including different shapes, on the same sheet!

Stickers sheets

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If you want stickers with more substance, choose our kiss-cut domed stickers. The clear resin applied to the surface gives your product a sophisticated 3D effect. 

Domed stickers

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