Retail packaging

The packaging you use for your products has to grab customers' attention: choose from the infinite options we offer and find one that's sure to catch their eye.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Packaging for every situation
Does your product need cardboard packaging or a flat pouch or Doypack? Or perhaps you have to post it and require a box that will also provide protection in transit? We have a solution for all of these needs: explore all the options and our vast range of sizes, and choose the one that best suits your product.
Beautiful packaging both inside and out
Customise your cardboard packaging on both the inside and outside – add images and text inside your box and give your customers an unexpected unboxing experience. You can also choose to highlight certain details with gold or silver foil.
Flexibility at your service
Choosing our Doypacks and flat pouches will ensure your packaging stands out on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies and perfume stores. Explore our range, all available in a recyclable material and perfect for holding foods, herbs and spices, or pet food, cosmetics and bodycare products, or small objects. And for high-quality coffee, choose our convenient pouches with a valve that releases any moisture generated inside.

Retail packaging. Everything you need for your sales

Product packaging is an extremely important means of communication and often determines whether a purchase will be made or not. When the consumer is staring at the shelves in a shop, they have multiple alternatives to choose from. At that point, original packaging can catch the customer's attention and convince them to buy. That's why, at Pixartprinting, we have selected a wide range of boxes and envelopes for you to create customised retail packaging.

At Pixartprinting, there is a wide variety of personalised boxes available for your products, which you can fully customise and have shipped to your chosen address in a few days.

Product packaging for your shop in just a few clicks

On our website, you can create the perfect product packaging for your shop. We offer an affordable, efficient printing service offering countless combinations! Customise your packaging by printing your graphics on the surface and choosing the size of the boxes, the material and other features – all in just a few simple steps. Select the model of box or envelope that is best for you and work your way through the straightforward customisation process.

You can also download the convenient Template from the product page to help you set up your print file more easily. And remember, if you have any questions or special requests, our Customer Support service will be happy to help at any stage of your purchase. Once you have completed your order, your new customised packaging will be shipped directly to your shop or office.

Find the best packaging solution for your products

Choosing the right packaging for a product is not easy. That's why we offer a wide range of different solutions to give you the chance to find the right-shaped box or envelope for you. Here are some tips on the factors to take into consideration as you develop your retail product packaging:

  1. Think about your target market: one of the most important things to think about when designing your packaging is your target market. Who are you selling your product to? How important is packaging to your target market? Do you have a young target market? Can you "play" with the look of your boxes or is it better to opt for a smart, classic design?
  2. How will the product be displayed? Another extremely important factor to consider is how the product will be displayed in store. Will it be on a display or on a shelf? Does it need to attract attention amongst other competitors' products?
  3. Product characteristics: another aspect to take into account when developing your retail packaging is the physical characteristics of the product. As well as the size, you should also think about the durability and the material from which it is made. Do you need a heavy-duty box or is a paperboard box in an original shape enough? At Pixartprinting, you can find both.
  4. Enhance the product: think about the type of packaging that will enhance the product. Do you want part of the product to be visible through the packaging? Then perhaps the windowed boxes are the right choice. You can also highlight the characteristics of your product through the colours and shape of the box.
  5. Sustainability: when developing your retail packaging, you can also bear in mind sustainability, which could add value to your offering.
  6. What message do you want to convey? What benefits of the product do you want to convey through your packaging? Do you want to create a minimal design that reflects your brand values? Do you prefer innovative communication? Or do you want to provide important information about the contents of the packaging? Answering these questions will be an excellent starting point for developing your new product packaging for your shop.

The quality of our retail packaging

Pixartprinting's products are of high quality: the materials used, the design and the high-definition print are the result of extensive research and technological innovation. The product boxes are made from extra-thick paperboard, a lightweight but highly resistant material. They are printed in high definition and produce faithful details and bright colours.

Frequently asked questions about retail packaging

  1. Why should I customise my packaging? Because you can say a lot with packaging, especially in a shop where customers can see and touch the product. Packaging can be the determining factor when it comes to choosing one product over another.
  2. Which customisation options can I choose for my retail packaging? The boxes and envelopes are fully customisable. You can choose the type of packaging, the size of the box, the type of paperboard used, the special finish and lamination, and of course, you can choose which graphics or images to print on the packaging.
  3. How can I make my packaging sustainable? By avoiding plastic and favouring cardboard packaging that is easy to dispose of. Our FSC® certified boxes are marked with the corresponding logo.

What else could be useful in your shop apart from packaging?

In addition to custom packaging, we also offer many other useful solutions for your shop. Our wide range of roll labels can be fully customised with your graphics and will be ready to be applied to your packaging. Our display items are also ideal for showing off your products, or our customised bags. Take a look through our catalogue!